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Agricultural nozzles can be made of different materials, depending on the job they are intended to.
Material selection, along with the selection of the right nozzle, is essential for a successful spraying job. Also important are regular checks for nozzle wear and replacement when needed.


Plastic nozzles feature a good chemical durability and a fair wear resistance. However, high operating pressure, replacement, maintenance and cleaning operations might damage this material. They can be replaced at short intervals though, thanks to their low cost. For the manufacture of their plastic nozzles and outer bodies of ceramic nozzles, has selected Delrin® acetal resin, which allows a linear and accurate production featuring good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and an exceptionally good chemical durability.


Ceramic is the material featuring the best chemical durability and corrosion stability. Ceramic is so hard that ceramic nozzles last about eight times longer than steel nozzles. To balance its inherent mechanical brittleness, ceramic is only used to manufacture the nozzle insert, duly fitted into a Delrin® body. Uses ceramic containing 96% of alumina (one of the highest percentages available
on the market), which is molded by cuttingedge machines. As a result, nozzles are very strong, accurate and stable over time. They offer optimal performances in many agricultural spraying jobs.

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