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Pythagoras Spray Company Profile

Since 1974 Pythagoras Spray K. Genou & Co. has been successfully established in the industry of manufacturing and trading of agricultural spraying parts.

The vision

 Pythagoras Spray was found in 1974 by Konstantinos Genos, a mechanical engineer in the construction of spray guns. By studying the market"s needs, the company quickly developed further into manufacturing providing a wider range of products.

Innovation and specialization

Pythagoras Spray is the only manufacturer of agricultural spray parts in Greece for spray booms and orchard sprayer. Following a steadily upward course, the company was successfully established in the agricultural industry in the wider regions of Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria,Skopje and Albania. In 2007 it settled in a privately owned building of 1100 sq.m. andquipped with modern technological solutions in order to provide new possibilities not only in manufacturing but also in the commercial side of the business. Ultimately Pythagoras Spray achieved a more effective product manufacturing and distribution as well an efficient and prompt service for its clientele.

Extroversion and international strategic synergies


 To meet today's farmers needs, we have created pertnerships with worldwide leading companies, such as Geoline by Tecomec and Dinamica Generale, which specialize in advanced electronic and satellite technologies. In this way, we have succeeded in optimizing work, time, cost and performance, creating sustainable solutions not only for co-workers but also for the environment, contributing in the reduction of chemical use.

Our philosophy and values


Our philosophy is focused in the research and development of complete and integrated solutions to profitably serve our partners and its main objective is the supply of high quality products, following the international standards and requirements as defined by the European Union.

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