376.040G 1/2''14 mm10 mm20 mm44 mm
376.050G 1/2''14 mm13 mm20 mm44 mm
376.080G 1/2''14 mm15 mm20 mm44 mm
376.100G 1/2''14 mm19 mm20 mm49 mm
376.150G 3/4''18 mm15 mm22 mm51 mm
376.200G 3/4''18 mm19 mm22 mm51 mm
376.250G 3/4''18 mm25 mm22 mm51 mm
337.005G 1''25 mm25 mm22 mm53 mm
337.006G 1''25 mm30 mm22 mm60 mm
337.050G 1 1/4''32 mm32 mm24 mm65 mm
337.055G 1 1/4''32 mm35 mm24 mm69 mm
337.150G 1 1/4''32 mm40 mm24 mm72 mm
337.200G 1 1/2''38 mm32 mm24 mm56 mm
337.205G 1 1/2''38 mm35 mm24 mm61 mm
337.100G 1 1/2''38 mm40 mm24 mm72 mm

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