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0030 23320 43500

Demonstration of electrostatic copper generator AgroCare and MGA nozzles of Geoline

Friday 2 August 2019

Demonstration by the company Pythagoras Spray of electrostatic copper generator and GeoLine MGA nozzles.

Those in attendance saw the process and effect of the spray on the foliage and fruit provided by the copper generator in combination with the MGA nozzles.

  • The specifics of AgroCare copper generator combined with MGA nozzles
  • Reduce the use of copper preparations
  • Compliance with the Ministerial Decision on Copper Reduction
  • Compliance with the relevant EEC Directive and European Regulation
  • Reduce the use of sprayed pesticides
  • Better protection from diseases by attaching to plants
  • Extra protection due to attachment to bacteria, fungi, insects
  • Protection of both the back and the underside of the leaves, wrists etc.
  • Better protection of plants due to uniform dispersal
  • Reduce the total number of sprays required per period
  • Copper ion spray even on the eve of harvest
  • Reduction of tufa and elimination of the odor of H2S in wine
  • Protecting Consumer Health: Reducing Surface Toxicity
  • Protecting the health of the cultivator
  • Environmental protection: clean aquifer horizon etc. benefits

The demonstration took place on the property of Dimitrios Mitropoulos in Messina.

Thanks to all who attended the presentation.


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