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Geoline nozzles new series

Friday 28 September 2018

Geoline is pleased to present its new range of nozzles for treating crops, Geoline Tips, made both in ceramic and acetal resin in collaboration with an important long-standing Brazilian company.

Our company Pythagoras Spray, in cooperation with the Italian company Geoline, is pleased to present the new series spraying nozzles.

Geoline's range covers the most diverse needs in agricultural spraying, offering high quality, long life and reliability thanks to its knowledge  in this sector.

The series of nozzles are  produced with the colors and flow rates indicated in ISO 10625.The nozzles are made of materials suitable for use of  many different requirements, using the best raw material. Delrin® acetal resin and  ceramic a 99%   alumina.


According to the tests conducted by Mr. Matthew Novak and other researchers of the Oregon University in the United States, the life of a ceramic nozzle can exceed 1,000 hours of use, depending on the following factors:

  • Pressure: The nozzle will wear quicker with a higher pressure.
  • Type of product: The nozzle will wear quicker the more abrasive the product is.
  • Quality of the water: The more impurities there are in the water the quicker the nozzle will wear.
  • Cleaning: Never use metal or pointed objects. In the case of clogging, use jets of air, clean water or a nylon bristle brush so as not to damage the nozzles.


ENTAM, set up in 1997 following the agreement between the Italian ENAMA, the German DLG and the Austrian BLT Testing Institutes, is the European test network for agricultural machinery and their installed components.

In addition to the above-mentioned ENAMA, BLT and DLG certification bodies, Danish AU and DAE, French CEMAGREF, German JKI and KWF, Greek NAGREF, Hungarian MGI, Polish PIMR, Spanish CMA and EMA / CENTER Swiss ART are members of ENTAM.

If a product is certified by ENTAM, it is automatically certified by all other institutions and therefore its quality and reliability are certified throughout the European territory. ENTAM certification will soon be extended to other continents. ENAMA is among the official members of ENTAM and performs more accurate and rigorous testing in Italy. Geoline has decided to have its top nozzles certified by ENAMA and ENTAM to ensure absolute precision and performance.

Spray nozzles

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