Our firm is located in close vicinity to Maniago, a town famous and appreciated for its age-old
cutlery and cutting-tool tradition all over the world. VESCO has been operating for several
years in manufacturing items for professional pruning.
Since the beginning, its main objective has been the production of exclusively professional items
especially meant for professional people even if demanding amateurs can also be included. All
the designs planned by VESCO mainly aim to maintain a high quality standard. Each item is
manufactured according to a detailed and planned course followed by strict item tests carried
out by experts in that field.
All the products ( and their components ) are subject to very accurate researches and selections
in order to guarantee a superior quality and precision. This makes the VESCO products unique
and indispensable for professional usage. Since its founding, VESCO is committed, and always
will do, in increasing significantly the range with new products, in order to ensure the future of
the company and to keep a competitive edge over competitors!

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